Sunday, November 22, 2009

hello all

so it has been months since i have updated my blog. i am so bad i know. we have been at my mom's house since july. it is going ok. but getting stressful and oak and i are both very very ready to be in our own place again. hopefully it will be within the next couple months. we will see but i am keeping my fingers crossed. so lately i really have been wanting another baby. i am so crazy i know and oakley would kill me if he reads this. but i am pretty sure he knows. i am trying to be patient and talk him into next summer or fall but he wants to wait about 2 more years. ugh i can't wait that long. lol. i don't know what it is or why i am feeling this way but it is such a strong feeling. i am so insane with school and oakley's work and two young kids already but i am really feeling strong about it. we will see what happens.
i am really in shock that thanksgiving is here already this week! faith turned a year on october 21st and it has already been a month since then! she is so big and walking all over the place! maylee is a little terror and so cute all at the same time haha. how is that even possible!? they are both so big though. i am loving where they are at. it stresses me with my schedule right now though. school school and home in time to put them to bed. it is kinda sad and i totally live for the weekends. that is when we see oakley. i am really sad this week though. oakley is working every night. clear through sat. he won't be at thanksgiving with us. i know it is for a good reason but still i am really sad about it. he is so amazing though to work so hard for me and the girls. i love him so much. maybe soon he will be able to get off graveyards and i will actually see a little more of him! for now this is life though.

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