Sunday, November 22, 2009

hello all

so it has been months since i have updated my blog. i am so bad i know. we have been at my mom's house since july. it is going ok. but getting stressful and oak and i are both very very ready to be in our own place again. hopefully it will be within the next couple months. we will see but i am keeping my fingers crossed. so lately i really have been wanting another baby. i am so crazy i know and oakley would kill me if he reads this. but i am pretty sure he knows. i am trying to be patient and talk him into next summer or fall but he wants to wait about 2 more years. ugh i can't wait that long. lol. i don't know what it is or why i am feeling this way but it is such a strong feeling. i am so insane with school and oakley's work and two young kids already but i am really feeling strong about it. we will see what happens.
i am really in shock that thanksgiving is here already this week! faith turned a year on october 21st and it has already been a month since then! she is so big and walking all over the place! maylee is a little terror and so cute all at the same time haha. how is that even possible!? they are both so big though. i am loving where they are at. it stresses me with my schedule right now though. school school and home in time to put them to bed. it is kinda sad and i totally live for the weekends. that is when we see oakley. i am really sad this week though. oakley is working every night. clear through sat. he won't be at thanksgiving with us. i know it is for a good reason but still i am really sad about it. he is so amazing though to work so hard for me and the girls. i love him so much. maybe soon he will be able to get off graveyards and i will actually see a little more of him! for now this is life though.

Friday, August 21, 2009

i am a slacker. i know it!

so we have been living at my mom's for over a month now. things are pretty good. i mean there are definitely hard times and some struggles, but it is not as bad as many people have it i am sure! it is nice to have help with the girls and people to entertain maylee haha. she is very crazy some days! but i think maylee really loves having so many people around to play with and a big backyard to jump and run around in. i love watching her. she could play by herself out there forever i think! so school is going awesome. i am still loving it! i feel like i am learning so much every day and i am still excited to continue learning. faith took a few steps today!!! she is totally standing on her own. she is gonna be walking well before her first bday i think. she is only 10 months right now. but she is so cranky cuz she is getting top teeth. poor girl. i know it must hurt so bad but it is hard to deal with sometimes lol. well it is late and this is all for now but i will blog more real soon i promise. plus some pics for sure!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

it's been awhile.

wow so i haven't blogged in a really long time!!! our lives have been so incredibly crazy. we moved out of our apartment on the 2nd of july and then i cleaned it (with my amazing mother, couldn't have done it without her!) until the 9th of july when we checked out. they are so picky! i had to wipe down the window tracks and light fixtures AGAIN because they had a day or two worth of dust on them! ugh... then i don't even know how much we are getting from our deposit yet. but we won't even get it back because we broke our contract so we will owe them money... i just don't know how much until we know what our deposit is. haha. does that even make sense? so then we moved into my parents house, which still isn't unpacked all the way and is driving me crazy cuz i have no time to do it. then on thursday we went to oregon to help oak's aunt move back to utah, we left friday afternoon, stayed in boise overnight, then woke up to find out our trailer lights weren't working so oakley spent like 4 hours or more trying to fix them! he never got them fully working but we had some lights, so that was good. so we stopped in tremonton to change the girls diapers, stretch, and eat, and i was texting my sister (my phone was broken) so i ran in to get food and when i came back out it looked like it was gonna rain so we jumped in the truck and took off. well... i had left oak's phone on the side of the truck bed!!! oh he was so mad. so the next day, sunday, we drove clear back up there to look around the parking lot we had been in and the road leading up to the freeway. never could find it so we had to fork out the cash for a new phone. blah! so anyways this week oakley is helping another family move, actually he is doing that tonight. man i love him so much he is so good. but i know he is stressed, i am stressed, my parents are stressed. it doesn't make for a good combination. so anyways that is what has been going on with me the past few weeks. i really hope life settles down soon, but with school and work and my mom working and my dad doing what he is with work... i just don't know. but i will cross my fingers that it does!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so tonight oakley had to be to work early so he dropped the girls off at school to me. i wasn't sure if i wanted them there or not. because, well maylee is a 2 year old, enough said. but my instructor and the other students assured me it was ok. so they came to school with me for an hour or so and we were doing glitter toes and nails and my instructor said she would do maylee's if that was ok. well maylee was so excited so she got her toes done. it was sooo cute! i think she did pretty well. it was sooo cute to see her watching and she kept saying pretty toes! and showing them off to everyone. then she wanted her nails done and that is when it got interesting. she didn't want to hold still anymore and for some reason didn't want her thumbs done haha. she rubbed her face and now has purple glitter all over her face, and in her hair and everywhere haha. it is ok though cuz it was worth it to watch her get so excited over it. i love it that she is into all the girly stuff! my instructor was really good about it too. she was so cute with my girls! thanks for being patient! and cleaning up the messes haha.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

packing, packing, packing.

so this is my kitchen right now lol. it is filled with boxes and i cannot stand it anymore! i only have 2 more boxes left so i need to call a grocery store or my dad to get some more. i just thought i would share what i am living in right now. my sister marissa has been staying with me and entertaining my girls while i get things done. she has also been helping me pack. i don't know what i would do without my family. they are so so good to me. also i love my visiting teachers! they came over today and helped me finish packing my kitchen and packed while i took everything out from under my stairs. wow. so nice and i am so grateful! i feel like i am getting somewhere and then i find more stuff to fill another box with. why is that? haha. but i am definitely getting somewhere now. i am just excited to get done and moved and organized so i won't be living in the midst of all these boxes!

Friday, June 26, 2009

my brother

so my brother is on a mission down in Hermosillo Mexico. We get emails from him every monday and he is doing so amazing. it really makes me wish i had as strong a testimony as him. i really do think my testimony is growing and getting so strong but he is such an example to me and i love learning from him. my whole family is such a great example. my mom is so amazing and never questions or doubts, she just does what she knows she needs to and is so blessed because of it. i love her so much. my younger sister marissa is such a good teenager. i know i am who i am because of my past but sometimes i wish i could have went down a different path and enjoyed life more like she does. she has so much fun and is never super serious with anyone. i look up to all my younger siblings. they are amazing and i hope the world for them. i know they can do whatever they set their minds to. i just really wanted to share how i felt about my family publicly and just share that i have a testimony and it is growing stronger every day. i am so grateful for my husband and my daughters. i love them so much. i appreciate all my friends who are there for me and push me so i can become a better stronger person. thankyou to everyone in my life!